Firefox Browser ExtensionsI find Firefox browser to be very useful because I can customize it with the add-ons (plugins) that I frequently use. Firefox also comes in portable versions that allow users to directly run it from USB drives. I have listed the common add-ons that I use frequently while doing research online or during data mining. Other uses include downloading videos, pictures, music, streaming media, making pdf’s of websites etc. Overall, these plugins have made web browsing easier.

Table of Useful Firefox Add-ons

DownloadHelperIt helps you to save videos and songs from video sharing sites. I use it to save YouTube videos.
DownloadHelper Version 4.9.21 tested on Firefox Version23.2.1
FireShotThis is a screenshot program that helps to capture the contents of a web browser and saves it in jpeg or pdf format.
FireShot Version 0.98.41 tested on Firefox Version 23.2.1
Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar PlusMultirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus helps to display bookmarks in more than one tool bar.
Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus 1.2 tested on Firefox version 23.2.1
Print pages to Pdf Great addon for making pdfs of multiple tabs.
Sometimes FireShot addon cannot make a pdf of a long webpage and print pages to pdf does a good job. This plugin only makes pdf unlike Fireshot it does not have the abilty to edit pictures and export to jpeg format.
Print pages to Pdf tested on Firefox Version 23.2.1
Vertical ToolbarThe vertical toolbar addon adds a vertical toolbar to the right or left side of the screen. This tool bar is a good place to keep frequently used plugins. I have added FireShot, Print to Pages, DownloadHelper add-ons on my Firefox browser.
Vertical Toolbar 0.5.1 tested on Firefox version 23.2.1
Notepad (QuickFox)Adds a notepad functionality to the Firefox browser to enable users to add notes without leaving the web browser.
Notepad (QuickFox) 2.8.1 tested on Firefox version 23.2.1
FirebugHelpful add-on for analyzing the html markup of webpages.
Can be downloaded here.
Firebug 1.12.1 tested on Firefox version 23.2.1

Also addons for firebug include
1. Page speed – measures Google’s page download speed. Download here.
2. Yslow – measures Yahoo page speed. Download here.

(If you find broken links then please inform me).

Installing Firefox and DownloadHelper Demo

The above video shows how to install Firefox software and the DownloadHelper plugin.  Remember using the DownloadHelper, you can save also save videos as audio files (mp3) as well.

Using Fireshot to capture and edit picture

The video demonstrates how to use FireShot to capture and edit screenshots. This add-on is very useful in-case your browser is not connected to a printer and you want to save a digital copy of contents of your browser.

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus

The above video shows how to install and configure the multiple bookmarks toolbar.

How to install Firefox plugins?

The instructions below can also be found on youtube where the above video appears. It has been slighlty changed to add more value for readers on this site.

1. Open the “Firefox” browser. Download the firefox browser from here.
2. Search in Google “Add-ons for Firefox”.
3. Open the Page.
4. Search for the plugin you want to install.
5. After you find the plugin , click the “Add to Firefox “button.
7. Now Firefox will automatically install the plugin after download.
8. Restart the fire fox to apply the changes.
9. The new plugin is now installed in Firefox.