In learning about R Programming, I have come to use git hub for utilizing the cloud to share my codes with other R users in the community. Github is similar to dropbox . You can use gitbash to talk to github.



Set up remote account on github and configure git(bash)

  1.  Setup aol email account.
  2. Using your aol email account, create an account on Git Hub at

Setting up Git Bash

  1. Download git from
  2.  Install git, use all default setting.
  3. 4. Click on GIT Bash from start menu

First setup user name and email with you git bash.

$ git config –global “Your Name Here”
$ git config –global

Use the following command to see if things are set correctly

$ git config –list
$ exit

Set a working directory

Right click on the Git Bash icon and set directory to a folder containing your files and you are set to go.