Can Habits Destroy Creativity?

In the first chapter of Conceptual blockbusting, the author James L. Adams, explains that habits and creativity are counterparts (2001, p.1-14). Adams further adds that habits can prevent one from being creative. In addition, the author also agrees that creativity can be learned as that is one of the premises for writing the book. If creativity can be learned, then it can certainly become a habit. Hence, a habit cannot always be detrimental to creativity. [Read more…]

The Brainstorming Process and Idea Generation

Osborn (1957) highlights that one should keep in mind the following suggestions during brainstorming:

  • Suspend judgment
  • Build on ideas or spin off other members ideas (group brainstorming)
  • Quantity is better than quality

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Drawing with a Two Point Perspective

Purpose of a two point perspective is to create an illusion of a three dimensional space on paper. In two point perspective, lines originate from the vanishing point.  The horizon line divides two planes and its where the “land meets the sky.” The horizon line is important for showing contrast as well. A low horizon focusses on the sky whereas a high horizon focuses on the land. [Read more…]